Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Crow Murmurs

 Day 8: Words of Encouragement

The attack ads are coming fast and furious now, attack and counterattack. It’s enough to make a grown crow weep.

Then she remembers that the anger in these ads comes from someone’s deep need to shape the world into a certain vision of what’s right. If our vision is different, we can lash back in anger, or we can take the energy of that anger, turn it around and use if for the common good to heal the world. Sure, it’s simplistic, but the world will be healed not by grandiose plans and projects, but one little bit at a time. Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King didn’t hatch big campaigns backed by mega dollars, they started with a seed of a desire to right a wrong, to see justice prevail.

After the votes are cast, and the winner is announced, life will go on. The campaign signs will be put away, but the lights won’t go out on the world’s needs. When we recognize what gives us joy, and it intersects with a deep need in the world around us, that’s where we’re supposed to be at work.

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