Friday, 9 October 2015

Survival of the Informed

Crow Wisdom: Day 5

One of the reasons crows thrive is that they are constantly observing and adapting their behaviour to changing circumstances.

Confession: while I was merrily living my life on the fringes, massive changes have been happening in political life, and I didn’t notice.

My eyes are somewhat open, now that I am searching for information. If we are determined not to be manipulated by anger, lies, and fear, we need to be like the crow. The survival of the things we value in our country depend on our vigilance, our adaptation, and our squawking loudly (with an informed voice.)
It’s not too late to do a little research on the campaign strategies and understand the implications for ourselves as we try to decipher the various messages being hurled at us. For instance, we are in a world where campaigns are now not confined to times of election, but go year round. This requires lots of money. Fundraising is fed by outraged supporters whose anger needs to be constantly stoked. In these circumstances, there is little room for compromise.

And there’s more. Voter Suppression, Data Mining, Using the media in election campaigns -- Google these terms, and you will learn a lot!

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