Thursday, 15 October 2015

Crow Posts another Survival Tip

Globe and Mail Reporter David Parkinson starts an article this way: “There’s a saying that dates back to ancient Greece:  In war, truth is the first casualty...”

He continues with a list of political ads that tell only a very small part of the truth. Parties put out these ads hoping you will not dig too deep to find the rest of the story. However, Parkinson did dig a little deeper, and shared the “rest of the story” with his readers.

“...It would have been nice if voters weren’t forced to wade through the fear-mongering muck to compare and contrast what our leaders are proposing,” concludes Parkinson. “I guess maybe the second casualty of this war is respect for the intelligence of the electorate caught in the crossfire.”

Ironically, the headline of the article speaks of “Conservative ads that are full of half-truths” but further into the article he admits it’s not just the Conservatives that are doing this, and also lists Liberal and NDP ads filled with half-truths. The crow thinks, therefore, that the headline is misleading, not quite truthful, you might say.

Crows have managed to survive in a harsh and changing world because they are wary and alert, and help each other by cawing out when they sense that something is wrong. Let’s be like the crows.

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