Saturday, 18 January 2014

Let Me Make Your Day!

January can be grim and grey, so I was glad when someone brightened up my day last week by posting a link to a site that listed the National Days of the Year. I should have realized what was coming when I saw the website: on the World Weird Web. But it was a fun distraction and it sparked ideas that made me giggle. Anything that can make you giggle at this time of year is a good thing.

For instance, did you know that today was National Popcorn Day? Kind of boring, unless you love popcorn. But I was sorry to have missed Festival of Sleep Day (Jan. 3); I must have slept through it. And I’m looking forward to celebrating National Hugging Day– mark it on your calendar: Jan. 21. (If you miss it, you get another chance June 11 on National Hug Holiday. Wait, if it’s a holiday, does that mean you don’t hug that day? I’m confused, and if there isn’t a day for that, there should be.) I’ve already marked some other days on my calendar: National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day (Nov. 15 – never a pleasant task, so I’m glad that’s a long way off); Be Humble Day (Feb. 22 – it’s a hard job, but someone has to do it); Kiss Your Mate Day (April 28 – you’ve been warned, resident sweetie.)

As I perused the list, I had a few questions, however. Why isn’t Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbour’s Porch Night (August 8) followed by National Zucchini Bread Day? That occurs in April, which means you have to grate it and save it in your freezer for 8 months. Why is there only one National Thriftshop Day (August 17)? Only one? And what happens when someone born on World Sauntering Day (June 19) dates someone born on Take a Hike Day (Nov. 17)? It would probably lead to Have a Bad Day Day (Nov. 19).

Now it occurs to me that this National Register of Days is a US creation. But wait, there’s a day for us Canadians, too. On first reading, I thought it might be Dec. 17: National Underdog Day and Maple Syrup Day – take your pick. I was also looking for Be Nice Day, but then I realized that for Canadians, that’s every day. Fortunately, I finally found July 15's listing: National Respect Canada Day! Not bad, eh?

When I googled Canada’s register of National Days, it was what you might expect: very serious and sedate.  National Literacy Day, National Day to End Violence Against Women, Family Day, National Child Day, National Senior’s Day. We have most of the social issues covered. We’ll leave the funny stuff to our neighbours to the South. Because we’re nice, eh? And you need to respect that, especially on July 15.

As I’m writing this, my friend the Crow is looking over my shoulder. “When is it National Love a Crow Day?” she asks. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing on any of my lists. Mule Day (Oct. 26), Donald Duck Day (June 9) even a day for the Souls of Dead Whales (Dec. 10) but no day for crows.  However, I’m beginning to suspect that you can make up your days any way you wish. If you decide that today is not National Popcorn Day, but a day to love, honour and respect crows, well, then, that’s what it is. So I tell my friend that all the folks who read my blog, all 14 of you, will be celebrating a Crow Day on January 19. She hops off my shoulder and says, “I’d better get a move on, then. I’ll need to organize the parade, print up some awareness-raising brochures, create some posters and pickets, and book the dump for a picnic.” And she’s off, doing her thing, glad that crows are finally getting some respect.

What I don’t tell her is that today (Jan. 14) is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. She would be totally offended and squawk loudly if I presumed that she was my pet, so I won’t do that. Besides, I’m no good at sewing Crow Clothes, and she is quite well dressed as she is, “au naturel” you might say. 

Instead, I decided that today is  Make a Silly Quilt Day. So I do.
A poster to advertise the 1st annual Wholly Crow Day, January 19. Celebrate!

I wonder what you’ll be naming your days this year. Whatever they are, I hope they are good ones.

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