Saturday, 28 December 2013

Crow in the Snow

It's been a busy week, full of family, food, celebrations, partying, rejoicing, and playing with my children and grandchildren. So the crow who lives in my backyard volunteered to write today's post. She went walking in the yard, and came up with some nuggets of wisdom which may enrich you as you enter a new year.

1. No experience is wasted if you use it as fertile soil for further growth. May 2014 be rich in experiences.

2. If you cover your eyes, you’ll never see the beauty around you. 

3. Life is busy, so it is good periodically to sit and rest a spell. You'll get a new perspective on things, and get strength to carry on. 

4. Take time to smell the roses. Rosemary will do if roses are not available. There's always something good to smell.

5. Sometimes a good thing is just out of reach. Take a risk and go for it anyway.

6. Just because there’s snow on the roof doesn’t mean that there’s no good stuff inside. (Think about it!)

7. Go ahead, take a chance. Make friends with someone who is different from you.

8. You need to refresh and rehydrate yourself often, both spiritually and physically. Go to the water.

9. Face the future with hope. When things are looking bleak, remember the old adage: “Things are darkest the moment before the dawn breaks through.”

10. If you're hoping for a good new year, you can't go wrong if you pray and work for harmony, peace, unity, love and joy.

The crow is a girl of few words -- but they're good ones. Thanks, crow!

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